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Community Spotlight

Our film community is growing every day! We wanted to take the opportunity to showcase some of our newest community partners, and share our thanks that they are supporting Other Almosts.

Ollie's Frozen Custard

You know it's a sure sign of spring when Ollie's opens every year (never mind that there may still be a couple inches of snow on the ground). Family friendly and with more flavors than you can count, Ollie's has been serving the Sycamore community since 1985. A tiny building that's line often wraps all the way around it, the shop proudly displays its history and its community pride.

Ollie's has made a donation to our campaign, and helped us break 40% of the way to our goal. With a different flavor of the day every day, Ollie's is a can't miss stop in Sycamore. Just remember not to ever ask for ice cream: "It's custard, darn it!"


First opened in Chicago in 1985, Taxco came to Sycamore in 1992. It's been rated one of the best Mexican restaurant by Skyline, and given the honor of "best chicken tacos" by the Chicago Tribune. They offer over 400 kinds of tequila and a tequila club to celebrate it. Speaking of celebrations, Taxco is responsible for creating Sycamore's Cinco de Mayo!

Taxco has been a cornerstone of the Sycamore community for 25 years, and generously donated food to help feed our cast and crew. With great history and great food, be sure to stop by and try their award-winning cuisine!


Shatterglass Studios is a production company that focuses on new media, video, and film content. Working in close partnership with the University of Illinois, TEDx, and Ebertfest, Shatterglass is an Emmy nominated studio with a lot of talent and heart. Its sister company, Shatterglass Films, has worked with Roger Ebert, been praised by Joss Whedon, and has two big film adaptations in production, one a graphic novel, and one a biography of Emmett Till.

A production company devoted to important stories from middle America, they donated camera and lighting equipment to Other Almosts on a massive scale. Check out their upcoming films!

Thanks to all of these community partners for supporting Other Almosts and getting involved. Thanks too to all of the Sycamore, Illinois, and Midwest community leaders who have followed, donated, and spread the word about our film. And thanks to everyone reading this who has followed, shared, or donated! We still have a lot to do before the campaign closes, but your support means so much to us!

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