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Today's The Day

Let's take a minute to be honest here.

This campaign has done so much. We've come such a long way and we're proud of the work we've done, the community we've cultivated, and the interest we've generated for this film.

We've got 24 hours left to make this film happen.

We've got 24 hours left to move into the Top 10, become a finalist, pitch the Duplass Brothers, and win the Seed&Spark Hometown Heroes rally.

We have 24 hours before the campaign ends and we take stock of where we're at.

Twenty-four hours before we see if we have a movie or not.

We know if you're getting this email, you want this movie. You want to see it on your screen, you want to be a part of it in your town, you want to hear the music, eat the popcorn, feel the story.

So do we. So let's make these last 24 hours count.

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