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Our Film Community

One of the reasons we were so excited when the Hometown Heroes rally was announced was because we wanted to show what a phenomenal town and community Sycamore is. Hometown Heroes gave us a chance to make our film, yes, but more importantly it gave us a chance to make the film where we wanted, with the people we wanted. It gave us a chance to have the community pull together behind us.

We wanted to take today to highlight some of the incredible community partners we have in Sycamore and get you as excited about them as they have been about us!

Sycamore State Theater

Opened in 1925, the Sycamore State Theater started as the Fargo Theater, a 900-person, single-screen theater, to host silent film screenings and live performances. A sound system was added three years later in 1928, and the theater ran until 1972. It reopened in 1989 to show live country music shows. A year later, the single-screen was split into the three screens still running at the theater today.

The theater has generously donated movie passes as incentives for following and donating to the Other Almosts campaign. If you get a chance, see a film and say hello to the owners!

WLBK Radio

WLBK is the local station in Sycamore, that services all of DeKalb County. Founded in 1947, weekday broadcasts include local news, community updates, weather and sports. They broadcast high school football games, and are the flagship station for the Northern Illinois University Huskies.

WLBK had us on to promote the film, and talk more about our goals and why we want Sycamore to help support this film. Tune in and give them a listen if you can!

Egyptian Theatre

Ignited by the Egyptian interest that arose out of the discovery of King Tut's tomb in 1922, the Egyptian Theater was opened in 1929 (actually on our writer/director's birthday). The Egyptian Theatre is one of only five remaining Egyptian theaters, and the only one east of the Rocky Mountains. Original tickets were 50 cents for adults, and 25 cents for children. The theatre still function as a movie theater on occasion, but also hosts live performances throughout the year.

On the National Register of Historic Places, stop by and grab a show and a popcorn at the Egyptian Theatre (but be wary... it is haunted!)

Thanks to all of these community staples for supporting Other Almosts and getting involved. Thanks too to all of the community members and leaders who have followed, donated, and spread the word about our film. And thanks to everyone reading this who has followed, shared, or donated! We're gathering a following and we're so excited to see what the next couple weeks bring.

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