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The Halfway Point

We're nearly halfway through our crowdfunding campaign and it's been a crazy couple of weeks!

With a campaign that started slow, we've been building a lot of steam. Last week we were at the Spartan football game on Friday (a Sycamore victory!) recruiting more followers, handing out passes to the Sycamore State Theater, and getting people excited about the film. We passed 300 followers that night -- way to show that Sycamore pride! On Monday, our writer/director made an appearance on WLBK to talk about the film. Thanks to the station for a great interview!

We have almost 350 followers, so we're making good progress toward our 500 follower minimum. We are still looking to try and have WAY more followers than 500, so that we catch the attention of the Duplass Brothers during this contest. Followers ONLY count if they are on our Seed&Spark page, so while we love having you on our social media, make sure you're following over at Let's show them we have a great audience already excited to bring this film to Sycamore!

Jake T. Pearson joined our team, another Sycamore talent, to bring some original music to Other Almosts. Check out his sound at the link on our Seed&Spark page!

With a camera and lighting equipment loan from Shatterglass Films (you guys rock!) we are not 38% of the way to our fundraising goal! Remember - we need to raise 80% of our goal in order to be green lit. If we aren't green lit, we don't get any of the money (it all goes back to you). We set our goal higher than some of the other films competing because we wanted to be able to make a movie if we got funding - and we wanted your donations to go directly towards that endeavor!

Today we're running another matching donation campaign to celebrate our 300 followers! You guys rocked it last time, so let's see if we can do even better this time around! We're matching donations until 8pm CST, so let's bring it!

For these last two weeks of the campaign, we've got some other awesome events coming your way. If you're in Sycamore, keep an eye on the Daily Chronicle (the MidWeek in particular) for a story about the film, and an ear on the radio, as our writer/director will be appearing on B95 on Thursday.

We have done so much in these last few weeks, but we still have a long way to go. Filmmaking is a challenging business. Unlike a lot of creative endeavors, it requires a huge team to bring it to life. We're so proud of the team we have now, and the community support building around us. We're so happy to have partnered with Discover Sycamore, the Egyptian Theatre, the Sycamore State Theater, Ollie's, WLKB, Taxco, the Sycamore School District, and Shatterglass Films. Support like that is why we wanted to be a part of Hometown Heroes - to show everyone that small towns around the Midwest have important stories to tell. Stories that make us laugh, make us cry, make us think, and fill us with hope.

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