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One Week In

We're one week into our crowdfunding campaign and already we're more than 15% of the way to our goal! We couldn't have done it without you - and we've got so much more to do!

We have just shy of 200 followers on our Seed&Spark page, but across all of our social media (that's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and right here on the website) we have more followers than that! While we love all of you following us on those platforms, remember - your follow only counts if it's on our Seed&Spark page.

That's where everything is happenin'.

Don't remember the link to our page? No worries, here it is again:

This first week has blown us away. We've been so impressed by what this community has pulled together to accomplish!

Before the week began we were all:

But now... We feel a little like this:

(Though we're still pretty nervous.)

We ran a matching donation campaign on Friday — and you guys went BEYOND what our limit was! You donated more than we could match and we love you for it.

Thanks to the success of that campaign, we're hoping to run at least one more matching donation in the next couple weeks. We'll be sure to keep you updated so that you can kill it again!

If we keep growing at the rate we are, we will have no problem meeting our campaign goal and earning way over 500 followers. But in order for us to keep this up, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Reach out to people you know, get them following, sharing, and donating if you can.

You love this movie, and we love this movie, so let's share the love and make sure Other Almosts gets made.

We've been pursing partnerships across the Sycamore community, and the response has been good so far. We have partnered with the Sycamore State Theater (who will be helping us with a giveaway soon) and WLBK (we were on the radio this morning, did you hear?!). Hopefully we'll be able to announce more soon, once everything gets finalized. So keep your eyes peeled —and if you know of any groups that we should partner with, send them our way!

These next few weeks are where we make or break the campaign. It's where the film comes together or it doesn't. It's where we show the Duplass Brothers, the Seed&Spark team, the world that this film needs to be made. That there's an audience of dedicated and excited followers who want to see Other Almosts on the big screen.

We have to work together, pull together — email, canvas, talk about, share your passion with others the way that we've shared it with you. If we do that, we may just get to see this film coming soon to a theater near you.

Spread the word, share the link to our Seed&Spark page, follow if you haven't already, donate if you can. Let's make sure Other Almosts doesn't end up as simply something that might have been.

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