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Sending Some Love

Hope everyone is surrounding themselves with the people, animals, and food that they love today!

Since we love you, our supporters and fans, we wanted to send out a Valentine's Day update about Other Almosts and our short film slate.

First, Other Almosts was a quarterfinalist in the ScreenCraft Film Fund Grant Program, a program that allows us to compete for up to $30,000! While we didn't advance any further in the competition, it's great to get some recognition, get the film out there, and get other people excited. Hopefully we'll have better luck in the other fellowships and grant programs we've entered, but we're happy with any progress we can make.

Second, we're getting ready to launch our fundraising campaign for the short films we hope to make this year. (They were first mentioned in our Thanksgiving 2017 update.) We aren't yet sure whether we're going to be fundraising for them together or separately, or whether we'll be hosting the campaign on Seed&Spark or on a different website that will allow us to keep any of the funds we raise (because we're getting excited and we really want to make a film!) We'll be sure to keep you posted, as we'll be relying on you to help bring these films to life.

Finally, we wanted to talk a little more about the first short film we hope to make, and today is the day we wanted to officially make that announcement. Ten years ago today, a tragedy struck the DeKalb area. A shooting at Northern Illinois University hit our entire community, and shook us to our core. Our first short, "Valentine's Day", is an in-depth look at a family living through that moment - the fear, the anxiety, the unknown. It follows Haley, a high school sophomore, who's Valentine's Day plans get put on hold as the news unfolds.

For some of our team, this story is based in the memories of that day. For others, it's (sadly) another similar event. We know, unfortunately, many of you have similar ties to tragedies like this. That's why we want to make this short. If we can find the common emotions that connect us, maybe we can help with the healing. We can get everyone to go Forward, Together Forward.

So here's a virtual hug for all of you. It's because of you we can even dream about making movies at all.

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