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Campaign Kickoff

Today's the day!

Our crowdfunding campaign for Other Almosts is live on Seed&Spark right now!

Some of you may be new to crowdfunding, and some of you may be new to Seed&Spark (we were before we started this project!) so we've put together a helpful little guide below about the many ways in which you can help make this film a roaring success.

First, head to our film's page at

The top of the page should look like this:

That's us! That's our cover page! (Obviously, we're no longer "Coming Soon!" but we wanted to make this guide ahead of time.) You can watch the pitch video right there and read the logline for the film. And see that neat little square on the right? That means we're part of the Hometown Heroes Rally, where we need to raise at least 80% of of monetary goal and get at least 500 followers in order to be considered to have our film executive produced by the Duplass Brothers and earn an additional $25K.

So how do you donate or become a follower? So glad you asked!

If you've made it to our page, you've got to hit that "follow" button on the righthand side. It looks like this:

Click that, and you'll be following our campaign. Not only will we get a follower and start building our audience (yay!), you'll also get updates about the film over the course of the month-long campaign.

That other little button is neat too. That's the "share" button and if you click that, it'll let you share our film's page in a number of different ways. Join our team and help us spread the word!

Okay. That's following. Pretty easy. That's the stuff you have to do.

Next, we would love for you to donate to our campaign. The film only happens with your help, and every little bit really does help! Because we're focused on amassing a large following, that means we don't need much from anyone if we get a little from everyone.

So how do you donate?

There are a couple of ways to donate, and this is where it starts to get a little more complicated.

Under our main banner (pictured above) you should see a little bar that looks like this:

These are the different sections of our page. Whichever one has the blue line under it (like "The Story" in this example) is the page you are on. When you go to the link, you should automatically start on "The Story" section.

Scrolling down, you'll see a left column with a lot of information about the story, a note from our writer/director, some campaign goals, and an overview of what we're hoping to accomplish. That's all neat, and you should definitely read it! But on the right is the first way you can donate.

There is a column called "Incentives." Because we love all you fine people and want you to be a part of our team, we've come up with some incentives based on your donation amount! If you want to make an incentive based donation, you'll click on the incentive you want to receive and you'll donate the amount needed to get that incentive. Pretty simple (and there's some cool stuff there).

If you go back to the banner and click on "Wishlist," you'll see a collection of images - these are all the things we are crowdfunding for! These are the things money can buy. :D

Wishlist donations come in two parts. First, you'll see a little button that looks like this:

If you click on that under any of the wishlist items, you'll be able to pledge an amount to that item specifically. Let's say you want to help us fund our camera equipment, for example. Under the "Camera and Lighting Equipment" photo, you would click the "Make a Pledge" button, and donate what you want. We'll then see how much we have left to go in that item!

The other button attached to the wishlist items is the "loan" button. It looks like this:

This is a really cool feature of Seed&Spark and we're hoping people use it! Seed&Spark allows people to donate wishlist items and we count that contribution as dollars toward the campaign. Let's say that you don't have a lot of money, but you're a great cook, and you want to help feed the cast and crew during shooting. Awesome! Simply click on the "loan" button under the "Food" photo and let us know how much you can donate. When we accept the donation, we can say how much of our goal has been reached, and that counts toward our monetary total! How neat is that?!

One final note - if you donate, you won't get charged until we see if we reach our fundraising goal. If we don't, you'll keep your money. We want to be sure we can do this, and if we don't raise enough it seems silly to keep the funds.

That's a brief (or not so brief) overview on how to get involved with Other Almosts. We want to make this a total community effort, and we hope you'll join our team. Click around the page, learn about the film, the team, and stay tuned for updates as we move this film into the next stage of production. If you have any questions, shoot them our way!

We hope you'll get as excited as we are.

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