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Hometown Heroes

One of the most exciting opportunities with Other Almosts is one of its first!

We're going to be running our first crowdfunding campaign on Seed&Spark, which is a crowdfunding and distribution platform for independent films, tv series, and web series. It is a unique platform, because its focus is on filmmakers - and it was founded by women!

Seed&Spark not only hosts crowdfunding campaigns, but works with filmmakers to help them achieve their goals. They offer a free online class, as well as partnership with a lot of different festivals, organizations, and companies to support the filmmakers who use their platform.

For Other Almosts, all of this is hugely important because we've never run a crowdfunding campaign before, and we want to learn as much as possible. We're especially excited to announce that we will be participating in the Hometown Heroes rally.

The Hometown Heroes rally is a chance for filmmakers to tell stories about and set in their hometown. It encourages filmmakers to get their local communities involved - for support, for talent, for crew, for locations - for everything! It allows us to tell stories we don't often get to see on the screen - from small towns usually forgotten in movies and television.

Because Other Almosts got its start in one of these small towns, we are excited to bring the project home, to work and film in Sycamore, and compete for the Hometown Heroes rally ultimate prize: $25,000 and our film executive produced by the Duplass Brothers, who are big names in independent film.

Ten finalists will pitch the Duplass Brothers directly, but we've got to do a couple of things before we can be considered for that stage:

1. We have to successfully reach our crowdfunding goal. This is the amount we hope to raise over the course of our month-long campaign, the amount we think it will take to make our movie. We've set that goal at $30,000. On Seed&Spark, if a campaign reaches 80% of its goal, it is considered successful. So help us get there!

2. We need to get at least 500 people following our campaign. This means donors, fans, community members - anyone who wants to see the movie get made and follow along for the ride.

3. We need a LOT of followers! Some insider knowledge has told us that the more followers we have, the better chance we have at making it to the finals. Why? Because making a movie is risky, and one way to cut back on that risk is to show that there is an audience who wants to see the movie. So spread the word!

We need your help to win! Spread the word and, if you can, donate to our campaign once it starts. We'll be sure to keep you updated as the date approaches, as well as throughout the campaign.

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