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We are one week out from the launch of our crowdfunding campaign, and we couldn't be more excited (or more nervous).

We wanted you to be among the first to see our pitch video, a little peak behind the scenes as to what we're hoping Other Almosts will look like, why we're making it, and what you can do to help us out.

Check out our pitch video (which will go live with our Seed&Spark page next week), and share it with everyone! The big launch comes next week, and we want to get as many people on our team as we can before the craziness of the crowdfunding campaign kicks into high gear.

If you haven't been following along on our social media pages, we are getting some great community partners involved in Sycamore. Our writer/director spoke at Sycamore High School last week, and the response was amazing! Excitement like that only makes us more excited - and proud to be a part of the Sycamore community.

Hopefully we will have more updates coming at you soon with other community partners, crew announcements, and great news about our crowdfunding campaign. Stayed tuned!

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